Smell the roses

by Tykoon

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i think im seeing things that nobody notice
iswearing they asleep swearng that its hopeless
visionary mind put the world in focus
cant forget the little things, stop and smell the roses


catch me on the startin line on the 25th hour
raised as a king think i got all power
no all spark, when i search the galaxy
so state ya arguments, and ill state ya fallacies

why they mad at me?? cause im chasing my dreams
never gased up engine running off of self esteem
student of the game... no w ya boy is a dean
spitting so godly thinking rap was my deen

flow of thought is like a river wont see me on a stream
liek the queen mary and im feeling like a king
road to success, let me the first to pave
i lay the asphau lt on my prodeseors grave

and im getting chips cause my products better made
they wrote ya name in the books watch letters fade
im break the bank, like its delicate
this the end game put a stop to the rhetoric


victroy is nigh and i feel that this is my time
the smell is in the air i swear the scent devine
im at my prime, yet i find a way to get better
and my heavy thoughts compared to the weight of feather

theres no measure, infinitely and i tell em reprehinsibly
the nigga that they need to see the nigga that they need is me
i dead the bull shit speaking like entombment
even under provoacation no unnesseacry moment

still takin g action like get ya cameras out
i nail the target like i brought the fucking hammers out
they run they mouth but they cant run nigga out
tell em step to the side make em take the nigga route

on some jim crow, dream world leaving them in limbo
now ima blow this indo out the window
ima keep it simple how i circumvent the misery
words of advice, useing them to rewrite history


and the memories are deep like the bottom the ocean
exhausted all my measures whats issue wit me smokin
eyes wide open looking for a sleeping potion
keep ya words to ya self if they aint about conseling

see my past in my future livin in omen
showing you my dark knights, call me chris knowlin
staring at the moon and i wont move an inch
teary eyed palms hurtin from my fist as they clinch

in the distance hear echoes that were never said
mabye written in a book that was never read..
dying inside forever cause the feeling never dead
pillows in my bed like the only things to raise my head

but i take the challenge when the sunshine rises
mistakes are costly, lessons are priceless
sometimes i feel pain is one of my worst of my vices
[if i dont overdose] i can take it till im life less

(excuse the typos)


released March 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Tykoon Detroit, Michigan

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